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Governance and Democracy Programme

The governance and democracy programme is anchored on the principles of good governance. The programme seeks to change governance, and how citizens participate in decision-making that affects them. The anticipated result of the programme is the provision of high-quality services to citizens. The programme plays a crucial role in realizing the organization’s vision because it equips citizens with the knowledge, abilities, and resources required to advance good governance.

Interventions by the programme are structured around key areas namely: Civic education to inform citizens on their civic duties and rights with an emphasis on the value of participation in governance processes; participatory planning and budgeting interventions aimed at increasing the capacity of citizens to organize and participate in governance processes; and participatory monitoring to offer service providers constructive input to help them improve service delivery by engaging with citizens to monitor the delivery of services across various sectors. The project partners with the government and citizens.

Interventions by the programme also address gender issues that cut across all the sustainable development goals. Also targeted are vulnerable and marginalized girls and women from marginalized and vulnerable communities. Through gender mainstreaming interventions, the programme seeks to ensure that women participate in the decision-making processes and that both women and men benefit equally to strengthen gender equality. Interventions also seek to sensitize the community about the right to education and empower stakeholders to reinforce and champion the rights of children through forums.