We promote education as human rights issue. We apply a holistic approach towards improving child safety nets and to ensure children enjoy their rights in a community supportive environment. Education opportunities for displaced children and supportive mechanisms are identified to ensure increased access to education. Focus is on both girl child due to the oppressive cultural believes including FGM and early marriages and the boy-child due to the neglect demanded by the community for them to herd livestock.

Convection of the rights of the child (CRC) provides a comprehensive framework of children’s rights. The convection recognizes children’s rights to be free from abuse and neglect, sexual exploitation, trafficking, abduction, torture, deprivation of liberty and other forms of maltreatment at all times and provides for special protection during times of conflict.

Rehabilitation programs for street children have endeavored to respond to their special needs. They try to provide food, health care, clothing, shelter, and when possible basic literacy, vocational training, growth in self-esteem, socializing skills and moral values, in order to support them in growing as responsible adults.

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Our main activities have revolved around; good governance and human rights, education and child protection initiatives and natural resource management.


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