Celebrating International Women's Day 2019


SAPCONE will be joining Turkana county and the rest of the world in celebrating the Annual International Women’s DAY on 8TH March, 2019. This day brings together women’s organizations, businesses and charities together under the banner of International Women’s day. The aim of the day is to advocate that nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women in helping them gain full and equal participation in global development.

Values That Guide International Women's Day

  1. Justice:

    This is by ensuring respect and equality amongst people and being afforded the same equal rights and opportunities as men
  2. Dignity:

    We believe that all people have a right to be valued, respected and receive ethical treatment.
  3. Hope:

    This is a feeling of expectation of better things to happen, a world where women would receive equal rights and opportunities.
  4. Equality:

    This can only be achieved through ensuring that all people have equal opportunities to make the most of their lives and talents and that no one has poorer life chances due to their background and status.
  5. Collaboration:

    Understanding that there is power in unity, strength in numbers and voice are critical in driving change.
  6. Tenacity:

    This is manifested in rallying for action, driving visibility and applauding women who make a difference through their achievements.
  7. Appreciation:

    Often by celebrating success that increases awareness and expectation that women will not be marginalized and or discriminated against.
  8. Respect:

    By ensuring that diversity, differences and qualities of women are truly valued in forging gender equality.
  9. Empathy:

    This is seeking to understand others, caring for and valuing diversity and appreciating differences which are very integral in forging deep relationships to effect change.
  10. Forgiveness:

    Lastly, we recognize that women continue to suffer harsh and inhumane treatment across the globe, but this day calls for a moment of reflection and reconciliation for women to heal and forge forward in growth and development.

We believe that the story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but of the collective efforts of all who care about human rights. Thus we call upon every single person to join hands wherever they are to Mark this year’s International Women’s Day.


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