When you volunteer in SAPCONE projects in Kenya, you are giving something back to Turkana community by lending a helping hand to people and the organization that are in need of your support.

Some of the best reasons to volunteer

Some of the reasons to give all the ones you may not have considered-the ones that make it worth your while to go that extra step, people who have spent time volunteering for a case report that get back in satisfaction and pay more than they ever expect in conveniences or effort.what get back is immeasurable.


  • Volunteering makes you feel needed
  • Exposure to current research and information on community and provide a wide basis
  • Participation in organization professional development opportunities
  • Opportunities to represent SAPCONE at public events
  • Satisfaction that comes from working with a dedicated and supportive team of volunteers and staff.
  • Volunteering can help you deal with some of your personal problems
  • Volunteering helps you meet new people and breaks down barriers of misunderstanding ,mistrust and fear
  • Volunteering helps you meet new contacts which may help your business or career
  • Development of personal and professional networks that can last a life time
  • Increased knowledge of the needs and service in communities

Volunteer programmes in SAPCONE

The programmes offer can be undertaken on either long term or short term goals and focus on Education, Livelihoods, Promotion of peace and community development programs. There are numerous programmes for volunteers both in rural and urban areas

Urban volunteers have option to travel to rural for cultural exchange on weekend to promote cross-cultural and live with local people.

  • Girl Child Education Movement

Work with GEM in distribution of sanitary towels and offer Reproductive health and Hygiene education.

At GEM, we offer mentorship programs and help improve the girls self esteem by offering Life skills training, guidance and counsellilng among other activities.

  • Child Protection

Interact with communities as we seek solutions to child protection issues by offerinng support and protection to the most vulnerable children affected by crisis eg Flooding, Conflict, Drought among others.

Help design effective modules and systems for IDTR and case management.

  • Peace Building

Get involved in initiatives geered towards strengthening resilience of communities against violent extrimism and address the root causes of crossborder conflicts. This is a good interactive program with pastrolist communities like the Dassenach of Ethiopia, Toposa of South Sudan and Turkana


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Our main activities have revolved around; good governance and human rights, education and child protection initiatives and natural resource management.


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